Speciality Concrete Admixture – Polycarboxylate Ether

Speciality Concrete Admixture – Polycarboxylate Ether

Chemical admixtures are usually added as liquids or powders in relatively small quantities and may be used to modify the properties during the plastic or hardened state of concrete. Chemical admixtures can be divided into five types: accelerating, retarding, water reducing/plasticizing, air-entraining, and waterproofers. One such chemical admixture specially developed is the Modified carboxylic ether admixture. It offers much larger flexibility in molecular design. Polycarboxylate ethers (PCE) contain groups with polyoxyalkylene, especially polyethylene or polypropylene glycol groups as well as carboxylic acid and/or carboxylic acid anhydride monomers. Fairmate is also manufacturing this product. Fairmate’s Brocrete SCC is a specially formulated admixture based on modified carboxylic ether. It produces flowing concrete that can consolidate under its own weight. It is supplied as a yellowish or whitish colored liquid, miscible with water. It is specifically designed to flow easily through highly congested, heavily reinforced areas.

Benefits of Brocrete SCC

● Reduce labour – due to the ease of placement, large pour sizes are achievable with reduced labour and plant requirements
● Noise – eliminating traditional methods of placing and finishing concrete reduces noise, which is particularly important in inner-city and built-up residential areas
● Flexible placing – ideal for jobs with difficult access where longer pumping distances are involved
● Health and Safety – reduced labour and plant requirements lead to reduced health and safety hazards
● Reduce capital cost and maintenance on formwork
● Increase durability and lower permeability

Applications of Brocrete SCC

● Areas of complex formwork
● Areas of congested reinforcement
● Mass fill pours
● Can be used both horizontally and vertically

Packing and Dosage of BROCRETE SCC

It is supplied in 50, 100, 200, 225 kg carboys, and in bulk quantity on request. The normal dosage is about 0.6%-1.5% by weight of cementitious material. However, the optimum dosage is to be determined by site trials.

Fairmate range of admixtures

Fairmate produces a variety of chloride-free and chloride-based concrete admixtures for increasing the workability of concrete which includes Normal plasticizers, Superplasticizers, Retarders, Slump retainers and Accelerators etc. It also includes Fourth generation concrete Admixtures which ensure very high slump retention and early strength. It also includes mineral admixtures like Micro silica, Fly Ash, Cellulose fiber, Polypropylene fibre & Steel fibre. Admixtures for plasters for better consistency.

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