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CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT is acrylic polymer modified cement based fairing coat. Its main purpose is to prepare concrete surfaces prior to application of a protective coating system. It just requires addition of sufficient quantity water and ready to use. When it is applied on concrete surface, it fills the surface irregularities up to 3mm. The specially selected and formulated polymer present in CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT eliminates the curing for internal application.

CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT is ideal for filling blow holes and all surface blemishes on concrete. It can be used on concrete structures like beam, slab, column, concrete walls, etc.

•Requires only the addition of mixing water
•Excellent adhesion to concrete
•Excellent resistance to freeze / thaw action and carbonation
•Reduces ingress of water borne salts, such as chlorides
•Reduces atmospheric / chemical attack
•Reduce shrinkage
•Ensures good fair-faced concrete


1. Surface preparation
•Remove all dust, dirt, loose particles from the surface by means of oil free compressed air.
•Remove any corrosion deposits, paint coating, oil, grease, and algae by means of wire brush or any appropriate liquid.
•Wet the surface with water and remove access water before application of CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT.

2. Mixing
•Small quantity mixing can be done in drum mixer or bucket.
•Add 1 part of water in a clean container and slowly add 3 parts of CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT in it.
•Thoroughly mix it until homogeneous and smooth mix is achieved.
•For large quantity mixing, must be done in mechanical mixer.
•Add 8.75 litre of water in mixer drum and operate the machine.
•Now add 25kg bag of CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT in that mixer and continuously mix it for 3-5 minutes until homogeneous mix is achieved.

3. Application
•Apply prepared mixture on surface in 3mm thickness with help of steel trowel.
•Let it set partly, after that, apply a smooth coat over it.
•For very smooth surface, water can be sprinkled over it before final coating.