FAIRMATE has conducted training program for our applicators under FAIRMATE ACADEMY on waterproofing on 21 December 2019 at Fairmate academy training center, vadodara. The training was conducted from our management and technical experts to our applicators, distributors and partners.

We have conducted the training along with live demonstration on waterproofing technologies at its core. Empowering our applicators with technical know-how of our product and prevailing technology trends through a well designed technical training program.

This program has given participants a better understanding of our products, and the technical aspect of customer needs. Enabling them to provide instant and effective solution to client requirements. Training along with demonstration and knowledge of product will definitely improve their technical competency and empower them to attend the customer inquiry with suitable solutions. The solution oriented interaction encouraged the participants to express themselves freely and their active participation made the training successful.

FAIRMATE ACADEMY’s initiative has been developed on the single aim that “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” FAIRMATE always tries to put its efforts in best of quality construction towards our people, applicators and our customers. FAIRMATE ACADEMY is going to conduct different training programs like industrial flooring, Commercial decorative coatings, repair and rehabilitation of concrete and many construction technologies. If anyone interested for fairmate academy training program you can easily contacts us and enroll.

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Shotcrete has been widely used in tunnel, underground, and marine works for providing early support and preventing water seepage. Key performance indicators of the shotcrete are setting time and strength, which are decided by not only mixture design but also the use of the accelerator. The accelerator alters the hydration mechanisms of the cementitious material, influencing its strength development and setting time.

However, most existing accelerators are types of alkaline powdery accelerator which will lead to caustic harm and dust pollution and dramatically cut down the long-time strength and the inhomogeneity of concrete. In order to solve such problems, FAIRMATE has developed SETCRETE AF, alkali-free liquid accelerators with advantages of high efficiency, high strength, and environmental friendliness have gained more and more attention.

SETCRETE AF has many advantages are as follows :
• The quick setting property allows rapid work progress and the ability to construct thick sprayed concrete linings via layered application during one construction sequence.
• The unique product formulation provides fast setting, continuous early-age strength development high durability and good long term strength.
• Very low dust generation during application and therefore a good working environment.
• Possibility of low rebound applications when using the correct nozzle angle and distance.
• Non-aggressive properties provide improved working safety, reduced environmental impact and lower handling costs.

SETCRETE AF is added undiluted at the nozzle. Normal dosage is 5-10% of the weight of the cement.In cold regions concrete can freeze before it gains strength which breaks up the matrix so for this reasons SETCRETE AF is recommended to accelerate the hydration reactions in concrete which allows it to gain early strength.


FAIRSEAL P is a two part, pourable, self levelling, polysulphide based joint sealing compound consisting of base compound containing a liquid polysulphide polymer and second part being an accelerator containing a curing agent. After mixing, the compound cures to form a tough, rubber like material with excellent flexibility and outstanding resistance to weathering water, salts, oils, mild alkalis etc.

FAIRSEAL P is suitable for sealing horizontal joints due to its pouring consistency. It has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including concrete, wood, glass, aluminum and stainless steel. For all porous surfaces like concrete wood, FAIRSEAL PRIMER is necessary.


 Excellent weathering characteristics with resistance to rain, snow, heat & ultraviolet light
 It gets cured quickly with low shrinkage
 Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement
 Excellent adhesion to most common substrates
 High resistance to ageing influences, physical damage and climatic extremes
 Resistance to petrol, diesel, jet fuel and most other common solvents & also unaffected by mild acids and alkalies
 Forms a tough elastic rubber-like seal
 Pourable grade sealant for horizontal joints
 Long service life
 Maintenance free

FAIRSEAL P may be applied to joints between 5 and 50mm. Minimum 5mm. depth is recommended for metals, glass and other smooth surfaces while minimum 10mm depth is recommended for concrete and brickwork surfaces. The use of a greater depth is recommended where resistance to external pressure is required, e.g. joints in floors and hydraulic structures. Ideally joints subject to regular movement should be designed with a width/depth ratio of 2:1.APPLICATION PROCEDURE

Surface Preparation
All joint surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and dried and primed with ‘FAIRSEAL PRIMER’. Loose particles, dirt, dust, protective liquor, oil and grease should be removed by vigorous brushing with a wire brush and by means of suitable cleaners e.g. KEROSENE. After the primer is applied, it has to be relatively dried before sealant is applied. Deep joints should be back filled with a non retting backup material to which the sealant does not adhere eg. Closed cell polyurethane foam, which should be tampered into the joint to the required depth.

FAIRSEAL P sealant is supplied in a pack with base and hardener (curing agent) in separate packing, ready for mixing. In order to mix both the compounds thoroughly it is preferable to use a slow speed electric mixer with suitable blades or paddles with a speed less than 300 RPM. Ensure thorough mixing till a uniform color is obtained. Failure of the sealant will often occur if it is not completely and thoroughly mixed. After mixing FAIRSEAL P may be poured directly into horizontal joints or loaded into the gun for application to horizontal joints less than 15mm wide.

Tooling & Finishing : To obtain a smooth surface, the sealant has to be tooled by drawing a flat tool, like a stainless steel spatula, over its surface. After sealing, the tools and equipments must be cleaned with KEROSENE.

To estimate quantities of sealant required, the formula given below can be used to calculate the number of (1 Kg or 5 Kg) tins needed. To calculate the weight (in Kg.) of sealant required for a joint of particular length (in meters), the following formula can be used.

Formula: Weight in Kg = (1.6 X W X D X L)/1000
Where W & D are in mm and L is in metre,
W (Width of joint) = 10 mm
D (Depth of joint) = 10 mm
L (Length of joint) = 12.5 mtr

Weight in Kg
= (1.6 X 10 X 10 X 12.5)/1000 = 2 kg of sealant

1 Litre of FAIRSEAL Primer would cover 6 to 7 m² of joint area or about 1 litre of FAIRSEAL Primer would be required for 30 Kg of FAIRSEAL sealant.

FAIRSEAL P is available in big packing of (4.600 kg base + 0.400 kg hardener) and small packing of (0.920 kg base + 0.080 kg hardener).


We must remember that no other surface in a building takes more abuse than floors, regardless of the type of building, be it industrial or commercial. While a bare concrete floor can withstand tremendous weight and pressure, it is relatively porous and susceptibility to significant damage when left untreated or uncoated. If exposed to regular foot traffic or the demands of a commercial environment, concrete will readily absorb dirt, chemicals, oils and other spillages. This often results in stains, cracks and abrasions that can make the floor impossible to clean and unattractive in appearance. Hence all concrete floors need some sort of protection regardless of where they are located. Over the last few years, the protection of concrete floors has gone from essentially nothing to a fairly sophisticated process of some type of protective coating or surfacing. The main purpose is to provide protection to the slab from deterioration or contamination or to provide some added benefits such as aesthetics, wear, non skid, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance and different other properties. How to choose the protective material for concrete floor in different conditions?

Whether you are constructing a new concrete floor or revamping an old one, there are different coatings you can choose to finish the project. We are focusing on coatings that are bonded directly to the surface and offer long term protection and may or may not have some aesthetic value.

Typical coatings that are mostly used for concrete floors include polyurethane & epoxy.
Polyurethane (PU) flooring has some added advantages over epoxy flooring which are as follows.
a) Flexible in nature
b) UV resistant
c) Seamless
d) Slip resistant
e) Abrasion resistant
f) Scratch resistant
g) Higher temperature resistant

Fairmate has the following products in PU flooring category

It is self leveling underlayment of thickness 2mm to 5mm for PU flooring which is having the following advantages.
 Good leveling properties
 Solvent free
 Fast & easy application
 Economical
 Durable
 Suitable Undercoat screed for variety of PU top coats
 Good chemical resistance
 Excellent adhesion property to concrete


It is PU self leveling of thickness up to 0.500 mm

It has the following advantages
 Available in attractive & pleasant RAL colours
 Excellent chemical resistance
 Easily applied by brush or roller
 Excellent protective properties
 Good resistance to abrasion
 Non dusting & totally seal the concrete surface preventing dusting
 Resistance to thermal shocks

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SAFECORE WB COATING is a high performance, water dispersible Epoxy coating for the treatment of floors and walls.It is a user and environment friendly product.It contains no solvents and a very low odor during application. SAFECORE WB COATING canbe easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray.It provides a decorative look and abrasion chemically resistant coating with excellent durability.

Recommended Uses
 Can be used for floor coating in food factories, abattoirs, dairies, laboratories etc.
 As a chemically resistant coating for bund areas.
 As an anti-graffiti coating. As a hygienic, easily cleanable surface on walls, ceilings etc.

 May be applied to dry or damp surfaces.
 Available in a range of colours.
 Low odour.
 Can be easily applied.
 Excellent resistance to water, oils, skydrol, petrol, dilute acids and alkalis, many solvents, etc.
 Very good adhesion to concrete.
 Hygienic and easily cleaned.

Application Instructions
Surface Preparation:
Concrete surfaces shall be a minimum of 21 days old and/or the residual moisture content shall be below 6%. Ensure that the concrete is clean and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil, curing compound, existing paint finishes, etc. Blow holes and defective concrete shall be made good using a proprietary repair compound FAIRSCREED VF.

Suitable mechanical treatment such as vacuum grit blasting, or chemical treatment such as acid etching is recommended to ensure a clean, uncontaminated surface.

Equipment Cleaning:
Clean all equipment with SAFECORE TOOL CLEAN, prior to curing of the resin.

Allow to cure for a minimum of 24 hours @ 20ºC prior to foot traffic, and for a minimum of 48 hours prior to normal traffic. Full chemical resistance will be achieved following 7 days cure @ 20ºC.

Do not apply to wet or uncured concrete surfaces. Do not apply at temperatures of 3ºC or less. In poorly ventilated areas forced extraction must be provided.

Pour the contents of the BASE component into the HARDENER container and mix by mechanical means until uniform color and appearance is obtained. The mixed material should be thinned by the addition of water maximum up to 5% by volume of total material potable water.



FAIRMATE PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT is a thixotropic, 3 Packs Water dispersible Epoxy based tile grout ideal for all type of tile joints. FAIRMATE PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT is an eco friendly & also it provides excellent adhesion even under damp condition. FAIRMATE PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT is available in range of colours, easy to mix and apply. Tile gap width of 3 mm to 12mm gap can be filled easily with FAIRMATE PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT. Excellent resistant to acids & chemicals.
FAIRMATE PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT is conforming to ISO 13007, ANSI A118.3 & ASTM C 267-1982

 Stain Free
 Eco-friendly
 Low odour
 NON Sagging
 Early development of hardness
 Easy to Apply
 Water cleanable when fresh
 Excellent resistance to Water, diluted acids & other chemicals
 Excellent adhesion to damp surface and green concrete
 Rapid curing
 Cost Effective

FAIRFIX PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT is used for all types of Tile Joints including ceramic, porcelain, vitrified tiles, marbles & stones. It can used in residential and commercial floor/wall applications, swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms heavy traffic areas such as subway stations, shopping malls and airport terminal buildings.


Surface Preparation: Substrates (tile joint) should be sound, clean and free from dust, dirt, grease, oils and other contaminants. A roughened or profile surface will ensure optimum adhesion.

Mixing: Empty entire base and hardener components into a clean mixing pail. Mix thoroughly using a stiff spatula or slow speed drill with paddle attachment to get homogeneous mix. Then add the coloured aggregates until a uniform colored mixture is obtained.

Application: Immediately pour the entire mixed FAIRMATE PREMIUM EPOXY TILE GROUT to the prepared substrate by using spatula, trowel, serrated trowel or stiff bristled brush depending on the gap of joint to be treated. Remove as much as excess material as possible before initial cleaning with grout float. Do not leave excess grout on the face of tile. After 45 minutes of the application of the grout scrub the surface of the tile & joint with clean water and scrubber to remove any excess grout. After 24 hours clean with soap water to remove any undesired spot from the tile.