1. High early strength (even at low temperatures).
2. Very good flow characteristic.
3. Fast set times & fast strength gain.
4. Consistency can be adjusted as per requirement.
5. High 28 day strengths.
6. Does not bleed or segregate.
7. Very good impact and thermal resistance.
8. Non corrosive to steel or iron.
9. Excellent bond strength.
10. Pre-packed factory controlled to overcome site batched variations
11. Does not contains any corrosive chemicals

FLOWGROUT HES is a blend of special cement, selected and graded aggregates and Fairmate admixtures, enabling it to achieve high strengths in short time frame.

Recommended Uses
FLOWGROUT HES is useful for wide range of applications where fast strength is required, like:
1. Machine bedplates.
2. Anchoring bolts.
3. Bridge bearing pads.
4. Pre-cast concrete sections.
5. Cavities, gaps and recesses.

Application Instructions
Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean, sound and free from dust, ice, oils, grease or other surface contaminants such as curing membranes and form release agent etc. Bolt holes and fixing pockets should be free of dirt and debris by air blasting. For maximum bond, surfaces should be abraded or roughened, preferably by mechanical means such as needle gun, grit blasting, grinding etc. All prepared surfaces must be saturated with water several hours prior to grouting, ensuring it is free of any surface water or puddles.

Temperature control :
Temperature affects setting time and rate of increase for strength. For optimum performance maintain grout, concrete and/or steel substrates within the range of 25-30ºC prior to, during, and for 48 hours after placement of the grout.

Mixing Equipment :
FLOWGROUT HES is must be mechanically mixed using a mechanical grout mixer or a suitable drum mixer. The grout mixer will reduce the chances of the mix becoming lumpy or aerated.

Mixing Method:
1) 4 Liters of clean water per 25 kg bag of grout.
2) Add the powder component to approximately 80% of the total amount water component while mixing.
3) Add the remaining 20% of the water component to the grout at a steady rate while continuing to mix.
4) Mix until the grout appears homogenous (3-5 minutes). Allow to stand so any entrapped air can escape. Do not add more water to increase flow of the grout if a mix has stiffened due to time delays. If the grout is unworkable discard.