Pervious Concrete is a special type of concrete that has a high porosity so that water can percolate through it easily. The major advantage of this type of concrete is that it can be used in the areas where it is very important to remove the stagnant and there is no proper draining facility for removal of water.

The pervious concrete is made only by implementation of course aggregates and cement for binding the aggregates. The fine aggregates are not used so that the pores between the course aggregates are not blocked. This pore serves as a gateway for the water to percolate through the concrete substrate.

Pervious concrete is used in parking area, subways and residential streets and walkways. The pervious concrete s used in a wide range for stromwater management. It is one of the sustainable product and concrete of future generation.

History Pervious concrete was first used in the 1800s in Europe as pavement surfacing and load bearing walls. It can also reduce city temperatures and alleviate urban hot island phenomena. Pervious concrete was first invented in Britain in 1824. It was first introduced into the United States in the mid-1970s and has since been rapidly developed. The Sponge City was introduced in China in approximately 2012.

Need of Pervious Concrete A large amount of rain water ends up falling on impervious surfaces such as parking lots, drive ways, sidewalks rather than soaking into soil. This creates an imbalance to the natural ecosystem and leads to the host of problems such as erosion, flood, and groundwater level depletion and pollution of rivers. The best solution to avoid this is to alter the impervious construction surface such as concrete and asphalt by the pervious concrete. Pervious concrete also acts as a filter which removes the debris from the flood to enter into the rivers and ground water and recharge the water level.

Properties of Pervious Concrete It has just enough cement paste to bind the aggregate with each other. The aggregates that are used should be only course aggregate and fine aggregate is avoided.

Fresh Concrete Property: The plastic pervious concrete mixture is stiff compared to traditional concrete. The slump that is measured is 30 mm which is enough for placing the concrete.
However, slump of pervious concrete has no correlation with its workability it is not be specified as an acceptance criterion.

Hardened Concrete Property:
The density of the concrete is found to be 1800 kg/M3.
The void contents of the pervious concrete ranges from 20 to 25%.
Typical flow rates for water through pervious concrete are 120 L/m²/min.

1.Low-volume pavements and parking lots
2.Residential roads, alleys, and driveways
3.Sound barriers
4.Slope stabilization structures
5.Sidewalks and pathways
6.Patios, tennis courts, swimming pool decks
7.Pavement edge drains and gutters
8.Seawalls, reefs and other hydraulic structures
9.Sidewalks and pathways
10.Foundations / floors for greenhouses, fish hatcheries, aquatic amusement centers, and zoos
11.Swimming pool decks

1.Reduces runoff from site.
2.Helps in unchanging ground water.
3.Eliminates need for retention ponds & other costly storm water management practices.
4.Provides for more efficient use of land development.
5.Water resources are conserved.
6.Adjacent trees and vegetation are allowed more rainwater.
7.The permeability of pervious concrete provides increased safety for drivers

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CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT is acrylic polymer modified cement based fairing coat. Its main purpose is to prepare concrete surfaces prior to application of a protective coating system. It just requires addition of sufficient quantity water and ready to use. When it is applied on concrete surface, it fills the surface irregularities up to 3mm. The specially selected and formulated polymer present in CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT eliminates the curing for internal application.

CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT is ideal for filling blow holes and all surface blemishes on concrete. It can be used on concrete structures like beam, slab, column, concrete walls, etc.

•Requires only the addition of mixing water
•Excellent adhesion to concrete
•Excellent resistance to freeze / thaw action and carbonation
•Reduces ingress of water borne salts, such as chlorides
•Reduces atmospheric / chemical attack
•Reduce shrinkage
•Ensures good fair-faced concrete


1. Surface preparation
•Remove all dust, dirt, loose particles from the surface by means of oil free compressed air.
•Remove any corrosion deposits, paint coating, oil, grease, and algae by means of wire brush or any appropriate liquid.
•Wet the surface with water and remove access water before application of CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT.

2. Mixing
•Small quantity mixing can be done in drum mixer or bucket.
•Add 1 part of water in a clean container and slowly add 3 parts of CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT in it.
•Thoroughly mix it until homogeneous and smooth mix is achieved.
•For large quantity mixing, must be done in mechanical mixer.
•Add 8.75 litre of water in mixer drum and operate the machine.
•Now add 25kg bag of CEMSCREED FAIRING COAT in that mixer and continuously mix it for 3-5 minutes until homogeneous mix is achieved.

3. Application
•Apply prepared mixture on surface in 3mm thickness with help of steel trowel.
•Let it set partly, after that, apply a smooth coat over it.
•For very smooth surface, water can be sprinkled over it before final coating.

FAIRCOAT Anti-Carbonation, Protective, Decorative Coatings for Interior & Exterior concrete surfaces

In today world, concrete is the most used material / product in construction industry. Concrete structures exposed to atmospheric carbon dioxide emitted from various sources, in presence of moisture / water, atmospheric carbon dioxide diffuses slowly through the concrete and the process of carbonation is initiated, the pH of concrete slowly turns acidic and starts rusting the reinforcing steel bars. Anti-carbonation coatings are used as surface treatments that have a high resistance to carbon dioxide. They shield the concrete from carbonation by acting as a barrier. For example, Fairmate’s ‘FAIRCOAT’ is well known and is protecting several renowned structures in India.
Features of FAIRCOAT Anti-Carbonation Coatings
FAIRCOAT is a smooth protective, decorative anti-carbonation coating for interior & exterior surfaces with exceptional weathering characteristics. It is based on aliphatic elastomeric acrylic. It has been specially designed for the decoration and protection of concrete against attack from atmospheric carbon dioxide, airborne chlorides, acid rain, weathering etc. When it is applied on surface, it forms a flexible layer allows the surface to breath and acts as carbon dioxide barrier thus protecting the concrete in aggressive weather conditions. Properties include the following:

• Anti-carbonation properties
• Excellent waterproof coating
• High flexibility with crack bridging capabilities up to 2mm
• UV resistant
• Excellent bonding characteristic with the substrate
• Chloride ion diffusion is zero as per ASTM C 1202
• Resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion is > 50mm thickness of equivalent air layer as per EN 1062
• Non-toxic and non-flammable
• Good weathering properties (anti-algal & anti-fungal).

Concrete is a highly alkaline material and if un-carbonated it has a pH in the region of 12.6. Carbonation starts on the surface of the concrete and can ultimately reach the depth of the steel reinforcement within the concrete. The alkaline state of the concrete provides a passive resistive layer to the surface of the steel reinforcement that prevents corrosion.
Once concrete comes into contact with carbon dioxide and other pollutants within the air, then a reaction may occur. Carbon dioxide can form carbonic acid with the water in the cement that then neutralizes the alkaline state of the concrete. If this happens, then carbonation moves through the concrete as a front that gradually reduces the pH value to 8pH; neutral is 7pH. However, corrosion to the reinforcement can occur if the pH value falls below 11pH.
Carbonation occurs when carbon dioxide reacts with calcium hydroxide of concrete and deposits as calcium carbonate, which reduces the protection of embedded steel reinforcement. This, in turn, results in reinforcing steel becoming susceptible to attack by water and oxygen, causing corrosion of the steel and eventually spalling of the concrete.

Application Areas
Existing Building & Bridges: It can be applied as a protective coating in existing buildings and bridges to protect them from carbon dioxide, air borne chloride, and rain.
New Buildings & Bridges: FAIRCOAT can be applied as an anti-carbonation coating in new buildings and bridges, which will enable it to resist attack by carbon dioxide, airborne chloride, and rain.
Interior Decoration of Buildings: As FAIRCOAT is non-flammable and has excellent waterproof characteristics, it can be used in interior decoration.
To achieve effective anti-carbonation coating, a two-coat application is recommended. FAIRCOAT covers 3-4m2 per kg with a recommendation of two coats for a dark shade. The surface texture and porosity must be taken into account while estimating quantities.
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Polyurethane Coating for Protecting Multistory Buildings

Waterproofing is a fundamental construction requirement. Modern buildings are waterproof, using membranes and coatings to protect the integrity of the structure. However, every year a large number of households and commercial premises report damage and problems that may be associated with inadequate waterproofing of buildings. If you do not stop the penetration of water on time, it will cause serious damage to the building. The service life of a structure depends on its stability, and this is what affects the ingress of water. Therefore, the waterproofing of the building is very important, and in recent times more attention has been paid to it.
Polyurethane is a rather popular choice for waterproof coatings due to its ease of installation. Unlike other waterproofing systems, polyurethane application requires comparatively less skill and supervision. FAIRMATE offers innovative technologies for waterproofing all types of structures. One such product is WATERGUARD PU MEMBRANE.

It is a polyurethane based liquid applied single component elastomeric waterproofing membrane. It cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a tough, elastomeric, waterproof membrane. The product is designed for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces, covered by a protective screed or render.
WATERGUARD PU MEMBRANE is used to provide continuous, seamless, water and vapour proof membrane for concrete. Typical applications will include roofs, podiums, balconies, floor slabs, suspended floors, patios, bathrooms, inspection pits, swimming pools and bridge decks. Properties include the following:
• Excellent crack bridging properties up to 2mm
• Resists deterioration from dilute acids and alkali, oil, salts, bacteria, and common fuels.
• Gives long term resistance to ponded water
• Membrane can stretch with movement in the substrate due to high elongation
• Single component, Easy to applied by roller, brush, or airless spray

Application Areas
Foundations & Basement: WATERGUARD PU MEMBRANE can be applied as waterproofing barrier in basement & foundation, which will enable it to resist attack by penetration of surrounding moisture.
Kitchens & bathrooms: WATERGUARD PU MEMBRANE can be applied as waterproofing coating in Kitchens & wet areas like bathrooms, which will enable it to resist attack by ingress of water.
Car Park decks & terraces: As it gives long term resistance to ponded water, it can be applied as waterproofing barrier in car Park decks & terraces which are directly exposed to weather.

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READYCON SSC – Self Smoothing Concrete

READYCON SSC is a proportional blend of high-quality materials including well-graded fine and coarse aggregates, ordinary portland cement & special concrete admixtures. After mixing with water at the site Readycon is designed to produce a concrete mix that’s easy to work with & provides excellent strength.
Readycon makes it particularly suited for concrete jobs in & around home small concrete projects like sidewalk or driveway repairs, bags of premixed concrete can be a money-saving alternative to buying ready mix bulk concrete.

It is used in the construction of columns, beams, decks, Mass concreting, can be used in floor laying works with efficiency for pavement concrete,

o Makes concrete denser hence durability increases
o Improves workability & high efficiency
o Quality and Consistency
o Environment Friendly
o Convenient Delivery
o Versatility
o Reduced Wastage
o Reduced Life-Cycle Cost
o Ideal for columns, beams, decks

There is a two types of READYCON SSC -are available based on compressive strength requirements.

Exterior and interior floors, polished concrete, slabs, parking areas and roadways.
Driveways, sidewalks, pool construction, basements, colored concrete, foundations, drainage, etc.
Warehouse & Industrial:
Light- to heavy-duty loaded floors and roadways.

Typical Compressive strength of Readycon

o First add half of the water in the mixing container of the total qty.
o Then Open a bag of READYCON SSC and pour it into your mixing container.
o Turn the mixer on and allow the concrete to mix for about a minute and then add the water as necessary.
o Mix the concrete for about 5-7 minutes, until a uniform, workable consistency is achieved.
o If additional water is needed, add small amounts of water sparingly, and allow mixing properly.
o Keep the mixer running and dump the concrete into a wheelbarrow for transporting to your work area.

o The water qty is determined by the gross weight of the bag.

Recommended water addition ratio:
o The addition of 4.5 liters of water to a 50 kg bag of READYCON SSC according to the site requirements & workability will produce around.

o 45 X 50 kg bag required one cubic meter.
Packing: – 25 & 50kg Bag

READYCON –Ready to use Premixed Concrete

Readycon is a proportional blend of high quality materials including well graded fine and coarse aggregates, ordinary portland cement & special concrete admixtures. After mixing with water at site Readycon is designed to produce a concrete mix that’s easy to work with & provides excellent strength.
Readycon make it particularly suited for concrete jobs in & around home small concrete projects like sidewalk or driveway repairs, bags of premixed concrete can be a money saving alternative to buying ready mix bulk concrete.
It is used in construction of columns, beams, decks, Mass concreting, can be used in floor laying
Works with efficiency for pavement concrete,
Salient features

• Hard wearing and durable
• Ready to use – just add water
• High performance product
• Convenient & easy to use
• No effect on concrete setting in winter season
• Assured quality
• Factory controlled hence consistent quality
• No waste
• No noise
• No dust

READYCON Mix is ideally suited for many home maintenance and renovation requirements such as building path ways, mower strips, fish ponds, securing posts and clothes hoists in the ground, small concrete slabs, and small project brick work footings and repair work to concrete.

• First add half of water in the mixing container of the total qty.
• Then Open a bag of READYCON and pour it into your mixing container.
• Turn the mixer on and allow the concrete to mix for about a minute and then add the water as necessary.
• Mix the concrete for about 5-7 minutes, until a uniform, workable consistency is achieved.
• If additional water is needed, add small amounts of water sparingly, and allow mixing properly.
• Keep the mixer running and dump the concrete into a wheelbarrow for transporting to your work area.

Density: 2.2 kg/lit
Flexural Strength: 3 to 5 Mpa increased.
• 50.0 kg bag yields approximately 0.68 cu ft

45 X 50 kg bag required one cubic meter.

Packing:- 50kg Bags

Quantity Coverage:- The addition of 4.5 liters of water to a 50kgs bag of READYCON according to the site requirements & workability will produce around

Speciality Concrete Admixture – Polycarboxylate Ether

Chemical admixtures are usually added as liquids or powders in relatively small quantities and may be used to modify the properties during the plastic or hardened state of concrete. Chemical admixtures can be divided into five types: accelerating, retarding, water reducing/plasticizing, air-entraining, and waterproofers. One such chemical admixture specially developed is the Modified carboxylic ether admixture. It offers much larger flexibility in molecular design. Polycarboxylate ethers (PCE) contain groups with polyoxyalkylene, especially polyethylene or polypropylene glycol groups as well as carboxylic acid and/or carboxylic acid anhydride monomers. Fairmate is also manufacturing this product. Fairmate’s Brocrete SCC is a specially formulated admixture based on modified carboxylic ether. It produces flowing concrete that can consolidate under its own weight. It is supplied as a yellowish or whitish colored liquid, miscible with water. It is specifically designed to flow easily through highly congested, heavily reinforced areas.

Benefits of Brocrete SCC

● Reduce labour – due to the ease of placement, large pour sizes are achievable with reduced labour and plant requirements
● Noise – eliminating traditional methods of placing and finishing concrete reduces noise, which is particularly important in inner-city and built-up residential areas
● Flexible placing – ideal for jobs with difficult access where longer pumping distances are involved
● Health and Safety – reduced labour and plant requirements lead to reduced health and safety hazards
● Reduce capital cost and maintenance on formwork
● Increase durability and lower permeability

Applications of Brocrete SCC

● Areas of complex formwork
● Areas of congested reinforcement
● Mass fill pours
● Can be used both horizontally and vertically

Packing and Dosage of BROCRETE SCC

It is supplied in 50, 100, 200, 225 kg carboys, and in bulk quantity on request. The normal dosage is about 0.6%-1.5% by weight of cementitious material. However, the optimum dosage is to be determined by site trials.

Fairmate range of admixtures

Fairmate produces a variety of chloride-free and chloride-based concrete admixtures for increasing the workability of concrete which includes Normal plasticizers, Superplasticizers, Retarders, Slump retainers and Accelerators etc. It also includes Fourth generation concrete Admixtures which ensure very high slump retention and early strength. It also includes mineral admixtures like Micro silica, Fly Ash, Cellulose fiber, Polypropylene fibre & Steel fibre. Admixtures for plasters for better consistency.

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specially formulated chemical mould releasing agent

A chemical mould releasing agent prevents certain materials from adhering to each other. Not adding a release agent will cause these materials to bond, which then produces more problems in cleaning up and creating a perfect casting. They provide the critical barrier between a molding surface and the substrate, facilitating separation of the cured part from the mold. Without such a barrier in place, the substrate would become fused to the mold surface, resulting in difficult clean-up and dramatic loss in production efficiency. One such specially formulated chemical mould releasing agent is Fairmate’s SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM.

SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM is a specially formulated blend of biodegradable vegetable oil based mould release agent, which is superior to conventional mould oil. SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM is supplied as an off white colour, ready to use liquid. Apply to all types of formwork including wood, metal, polyester or plywood where a good surface finish and optimum release are required.


● It does not contain any mineral oil and hence it is not producing VOC. So it is Eco Friendly
● This product is not flammable & hence no such precaution is required during storage to avoid from fire except the normal storage conditions.
● It contains active ingredients which chemically combine with cement paste and make a soapy nature which can release the concrete very easily
without any surface defects of concrete.
● Vegetable oil based, biodegradable and Non- toxic
● Can be used with all type of formworks
● Non staining, even suitable for white cement
● Safe to use ( can be use in confining spaces like tunnelling, mining, etc)
● Minimizes cleaning of shutters before re-use
● Minimizes repair costs associated with patching or polishing to remove surface defects
● Ensures good fair faced concrete surfaces
● Economical
● Can be used with steam curing
● Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
● Provides a water repellent, rainproof, rust-inhibiting film to the formwork


SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM is supplied in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 Ltr drums.
A coverage between 40 to 60 m²/litre is possible depending upon the porosity and texture of mould surface.

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Concrete has potential to be one of the longest lasting materials in history – the Egyptian pyramids in Ancient Egypt were even constructed from a primitive form of concrete, and they’re still standing strong. Why shouldn’t your home, or any other concrete structure you own, exhibit the same longevity? The number one arch enemy of concrete is water. Not only can water create harmful health risks with the growth of mold and mildew and create numerous problems for homeowner’s foundations but it can also be a carrier for salts and chlorides that can damage reinforcing steel in concrete leading to spalling and cracking.
Waterproofing is basically a process designed to prevent water from penetrating into a structure. Typically waterproofing is done in various layers and stages to create multiple barriers so that water cannot penetrate into the structure. A structure is waterproofed by the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents underneath or within as well as protecting structural integrity. Thus, protection from weather, seepages from ground and vertical travel of water in a structure can be well protected by the correct application of waterproofing system.

Factors Affecting a Building

Every building can be referred to as a living thing as it also addresses the problems of deterioration if proper care is not taken and maintenance is not involved. In this way, some natural factors like air, water, climate, wind and humidity govern the life of building, apart from the occupancy load. Water (through humidity and rains) is the prime source of degrading or harming a structure, right from its foundation to its plaster if the structure is not well protected from it. Water through its capillary action enters and hampers the strength of concrete, thereby making it susceptible to corrosion. This is observed in building through the development of cracks on plaster, rot formation on walls and presence of moisture on ceiling.
This leads to expensive structural repair works, damage or loss of interior finishes and goods, operational downtime, or serious impact on the internal environment from damp and condensation.

The selection of the appropriate waterproofing method, the project specific design of the chosen waterproofing system and its correct installation on site are key elements in minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership. A waterproofing system typically amounts to less than 1% of the total core constructions cost, yet the selection of a high quality waterproofing solution can easily save this amount or more, in future maintenance and repair costs over the service life of the structure.
Conventional waterproofing is either a liquid applied waterproofing coating or a preformed elastomeric membrane where they can temporarily help to reduce water and within a period of time those coatings or membranes are delaminated. Since they are unable to penetrate but instead coat the surface it is more like putting a band-aid on the problem instead of sealing from within.

FAIRMATE provides full range of technologies and solutions for waterproofing of structures. Fairmate has brought one revolutionary product WATERGUARD MAGIC which is a biochemically modified chemical solution that provides long-term waterproofing and durability benefits to concrete. It penetrates into concrete and reacts with free calcium and water to form a calcium silicate gel complex in cracks, pores and capillaries. This gel creates a sub-surface barrier against the ingress of water and contaminants such as chloride ions. WATERGUARD MAGIC will seal existing leaking cracks to 2.00mm. In the matrix the product remains reactive when in contact with water to provide autogenous healing properties to future hairline cracks.

Advantages of WATERGUARD MAGIC are as follows
• Permanently seals cracks up to 2.00mm.
• Reseals future hairline cracking.
• Reduction of chloride diffusion coefficient (ASTM C 1202) by 89% to 3.5
(10-12 m2/s).
• Water permeability (DIN1048) reduced by 70% to 5.0 (10-12 m/s) at 10kg/cm².
• Increases surface hardness from 6 to 8 on Moh’s scale.
• Reduces scaling in freeze-thaw environments by 89% at 50 cycles.
• Allows 84.1% moisture vapor permeability.
• Non Toxic – Certified suitability for potable water.
• It is giving 100 years warranty with no further maintenance cost.

WATERGUARD MAGIC can be used to the following areas
• Rooftops & Podium Decks
• Car-parks
• Road & Rail Bridge Decks
• Wharf Decks & Marine Structures
• Airport Runways, Taxiways, Aprons
• Water Retaining Structures

• Tiled areas (not terracotta or glass-glazed)
• Tiled shower recesses
• Facades
• Pre-cast elements & panels
• Cement Tiles
• Terrace
• Water tank

FAIRMATE’s experience is combined with more than 40 years of experience from all around the world, in providing successful waterproofing solutions for various civil engineering structures. FAIRMATE’s waterproofing experts are able to support our customers from initially determining the best waterproofing solutions through detailed designing of structure, to on-site support for successful installation and completion of waterproofing. This also includes the repair and rehabilitation for waterproofing of existing structures.


FAIRMATE has conducted training program for our applicators under FAIRMATE ACADEMY on waterproofing on 21 December 2019 at Fairmate academy training center, vadodara. The training was conducted from our management and technical experts to our applicators, distributors and partners.

We have conducted the training along with live demonstration on waterproofing technologies at its core. Empowering our applicators with technical know-how of our product and prevailing technology trends through a well designed technical training program.

This program has given participants a better understanding of our products, and the technical aspect of customer needs. Enabling them to provide instant and effective solution to client requirements. Training along with demonstration and knowledge of product will definitely improve their technical competency and empower them to attend the customer inquiry with suitable solutions. The solution oriented interaction encouraged the participants to express themselves freely and their active participation made the training successful.

FAIRMATE ACADEMY’s initiative has been developed on the single aim that “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” FAIRMATE always tries to put its efforts in best of quality construction towards our people, applicators and our customers. FAIRMATE ACADEMY is going to conduct different training programs like industrial flooring, Commercial decorative coatings, repair and rehabilitation of concrete and many construction technologies. If anyone interested for fairmate academy training program you can easily contacts us and enroll.

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