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A mould release agent is a chemical substance that creates a moulding surface barrier so that products don’t get stuck to a mould. We are well aware of the need to use mould release agent for concrete and formwork, as it is very crucial to prevent the concrete from sticking to the surface of the mould.
When a proper mould release agent is not used it has been observed that it becomes difficult to remove the mould and even the finish of the concrete is not aesthetically pleasing. To achieve easy removal of mould and a good smooth finish of the concrete surface it is advisable to use an excellent performing mould release agent.
Our SETRELEASE ECO is a wonderful product in itself, it is an eco friendly, biodegradable oil based mould release agent. It has no impact on the mould besides allowing it to detach from the concrete leaving a smooth finish.
It is a specially formulated blend of bio degradable oil based mould release agent, which is superior then conventional mould oil. The chemicals react with the alkali in the concrete to form a thin water repellent skin on the surface of the mould, thereby enabling easy stripping from concrete and protects steel and wooden formwork. SETRELEASE ECO is supplied as ready to use liquid.
Due to the excellent release properties, little or no deposit of cement paste remains on the shutter surface. Minimum cleaning & a further coat of SETRELEASE ECO renders shuttering ready for re-use.
SETRELEASE ECO provides quick, clean and easy stripping of moulds and formwork. It ensures high quality, fair-faced and stain-free concrete surface. Protects aluminium windows and door frames from plaster and mortar splashes.

• ECO friendly
• Ensures good fair-faced concrete
• Can be used on all type of formwork
• Non-staining
• Minimises cleaning of shutters before reuse
• Can be used with steam curing
• Reduces the incidence of air pocket and tendency of surface spalli ng of corners
• Economical

*Applicable on all types of formwork*

SETRELEASE ECO can be applied by brush, sponge or conventional mould oil-sprayer. If an oil sprayer is used, care should be taken to choose correct size of
sprayer. Apply one thin and even coat of SETRELEASE ECO over the entire surface. Even a thin coat is enough to achieve effective coverage.
Excess application is uneconomical and may lead to surface dusting. Wire or brush off any excess particles on the surface and apply one coat of SETRELEASE ECO as before. To remove SETRELEASE ECO completely, for recoating mould or shutter surface, use strong industrial detergent together with stiff brushing & then thoroughly rinse with clean water. It is recommended that after application of SETRELEASE ECO concrete pouring to be done within 24 hrs or same day.

A coverage between 40 to 60 m²/litre is possible depending upon the porosity and texture of mould surface.