Fiber-reinforcement concrete and mortar are ideal for improving the durability and toughness performance of concrete and mortar. Fibers in concrete help reduce shrinkage cracks, increase strength, and increase energy absorption. FAIRFIBRE is a unique specially treated chemically inert fiber reinforcement for concrete and mortar which instantly disperses into the mix.

FAIRFIBRE is recommended where the objective is to control temperature/shrinkage cracking while improving basic durability. Also, it improves the tensile and compressive strength of concrete and mortar, minimizes cracks, and reduces permeability in the mix. It reduces the rate of heat evolution, spreading heat of hydration over a longer period & reducing thermal cracking effects. FAIRFIBRE is non-toxic and non-flammable.

FAIRFIBRE is easily and instantly disperses in to the mix. It reduces permeability hence ensures water tightness & reduces density & ensures more yield of mix & also reduces number of construction joints in floor.

There are multiple reasons for adding fibers in concrete,
• Improves tensile and compressive strength
• Arrest drying shrinkage cracks
• Minimises steel reinforcement in industrial floors
• Improves durability
• Free from corrosive substances.
• Good resistance to impact and abrasion.
• Increases fatigue resistance & toughness.
• Non-corrosive, non-magnetic, chemically inert and 100% alkali proof so no reaction with aggregate and cement alkalies

It can be used for internal plaster, External plaster, Concrete repairs, Terrace slab, driveways, sidewalks, Industrial floors, Concrete roads, precast concrete, railway sleepers etc.

For optimum performance 125gms pack should be used with 50 kg. of cement. Generally it should be used 0.2% to 0.6% by weight of cement depending on the required performance. FAIRFIBRE is supplied in 125gms & 900gms pack

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