Normally concrete structures have high compressive strength but low tensile strength. Polyester fiber increases the properties of concrete such as compressive strength, tensile strength, impact strength & abrasion resistance. Fibers provide support to concrete in all directions by equally distributing throughout the matrix. It also prevents the problem of corrosion.
FAIRFIBRE P is a specially designed polyester fiber that instantly disperses out through the mix and improves and increases the compressive & tensile strength of concrete and mortar. It highly improves the durability of the structure and prevents the shrinkage cracks which are developed during curing making the concrete structure and plaster stronger. It prevents moisture from entering through out the concrete and mortar structures. FAIRFIBRE P also works as a secondary reinforcement in concrete.

• Prevents shrinkage cracks
• Improves tensile and compressive strength
• Reduces water permeability
• Helps prevent the corrosion of steel for primary reinforcement of concrete and mortar
• Improves life of structure
• Reduces density ensures more yield of mix.
• Minimises steel reinforcement in industrial floors
• Cost effective
• Environmental friendly
• Non-hazardous
• Disperses and separates in the dry ready mix easily
• Economical
• Increases flexibility of concrete

It is used for Concrete blocks, Railway sleeper, Roads & pavements, Bridges & dams. It is also use for Slabs, Footings, Foundation, walls and tanks, Manhole covers & tiles etc., PCC & RCC plastering, Pipes & beams.
FAIRFIBRE P is supplied in 125 gms pack. The addition rate of FAIRFIBRE P varies with grade of concrete and mortar. For optimum performance 125 gms pack should be used with 50 kg. of cement.

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