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With time the hardened concrete loses its ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to weathering or atmospheric condition. Concrete repair products are used to repair building cracks, surface scaling, damaged or chipped out concrete surface etc.

Benefits of Concrete:
1) Prevents Longevity
2) Prevents further damage to concrete
3) Reduces the risk of injury
4) Stays Functional

Every time your concrete structure has cracks or it is has started scaling or chipping off there is a good chance of moisture entering into that part of the concrete structure which can cause more damage to the structure and even cause corrosion of the structural reinforcement. The moisture seepage can cause the cracks to even widen due to the freeze and thaw reaction cycle.
It better repair material can increase the lifeline of the structure by giving it back its durability which in longer run saves time and money and frequent repair work is not allowed.

It is a ready to use blend of dry powder which only requires water addition to it making it a free flowing, non shrink repair mortar. It is a micro concrete repair mortar infused with fibres which help to compensate the shrinkage of concrete. It gives high early strength and long term durability due to less water requirement. It is suitable for all types of structural repair work of load bearing locations.

CEMSCREED HM(F) is used to repair columns where a major material loss is observed, for soffit repair work, for repair in areas where use of hand applied mortar is not practically possible or even the reinforcement is very heavily congested. It is used to do beams and columns jacketing work.

For larger repair work 12mm clean, well graded, saturated, surface dry aggregate shall be added to CEMSCREED HM(F).

Coming to the application of the product it is required to make sure the surface preparation is done very well, for that cut back the defective concrete till a sound base is reached. If there is a smooth surface then roughen the surface to make sure the new material can be adhered to the old surface properly. If there is any exposed corroded reinforcement, then check the whole circumference of the bar and clean all the rust and corrosion from it. After that you can apply SAFECORE R product on the exposed reinforcement bars to stop it from getting corroded further due to any reasons. Make sure that the surface is wetted properly and any access water present is removed. Apply FAIRBOND EP as a bonding primer on the prepared surface and then pour/ place CEMSCREED HM(F) using pump. After the placing is done curing shall start after 2 hours for as long as concrete curing is required.


Before Application | During Application | After Application

Salient Features:
 Compensates for shrinkage in the plastic stage
 Can be pumped or poured into restricted locations
 Highly fluid to allow placement without vibration
 Pre-packed factory controlled to overcome site- batched variations
 Rapid strength gain to facilitate early reinforcement
 High Ultimate strength and low permeability of cured repair
 Does not contain any corrosive chemicals
 Ensures high tensile strength
 Specially reinforced with polypropylene fibre
 Cost Effective
 Enhanced durability