Buildings have major environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. Resources such as ground cover, forests, water, and energy are depleted to give way to buildings. A green building depletes the natural resources to the minimum during its construction and operation. The aim of a green building design is to minimize the demand on non-renewable resources, maximize the utilization efficiency of these resources, when in use, and maximize the reuse, recycling, and utilization of renewable resources. It maximizes the use of efficient building materials and construction practices; optimizes the use of on-site sources and sinks by bio-climatic architectural practices; uses minimum energy to power itself; uses efficient equipment to meet its lighting, air-conditioning, and other needs; maximizes the use of renewable sources of energy; uses efficient waste and water management practices; and provides comfortable and hygienic indoor working conditions. In sum, the following aspects of the building design are looked into in an integrated way in a green building.

* Site planning
* Building envelope design
* Building system design ((HVAC) heating ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, electrical, and water heating)
* Integration of renewable energy sources to generate energy onsite.
* Water and waste management
* Selection of ecologically sustainable materials (with high recycled content, rapidly renewable resources with low emission potential, etc.).
* Indoor environmental quality (maintain indoor thermal and visual comfort, and air quality)

FAIRCURE WC is supplied as a white pigmented, non-staining, non toxic aqueous solution which when applied to fresh concrete surfaces, reacts with free lime and seals the pores, thus reducing the evaporation of water from the mix which assists curing process and increasing durability. Applied surfaces can be easily identified due to white pigment. Only single coat is sufficient for complete curing process eliminating the water curing.

FAIRCURE WC is a white pigmented concrete curing aid which eliminates water curing and when applied to structures can be identified easily. It helps the curing process by preventing evaporation and helps to attain strength and durability. Used for large concrete surface areas such as floors, screeds, granolithic topping, sloped slabs and vertical structures.

* Ready to use
* Can be easily applied with brush or spray.
* Can be easily identified
* Does not form film
* Single coat application
* Replacement of water curing
* Cost effective
* Non-toxic and non flammable
* Chloride free.

FAIRCURE WC should be stir before use to ensure dispersion of settled material. Apply in a continuous film using a high volume low pressure spray. At the time of spraying, nozzle of spray should be held approximately 450 mm from the concrete surface and should be sprayed evenly on the concrete surface. After spraying, no further application of water or other material is necessary to ensure further curing. When used as a curing aid, apply to edges after forms are removed under the conditions of excessive heat or drying wind, polythene, sheet may be used to cover the surface after application of FAIRCURE WC.

Designed for ease of use and spray-ability. Application can be achieved using either hand or power operated pressure spray equipment with fan-type nozzle attachments. FAIRCURE WC may also be applied by brush or roller.

PACKING & COVERAGE: FAIRCURE WC is supplied in 1, 50, 10, 50, 100, 200 liters carboys. FAIRCURE WC will cover an area of 5 to 6 m² per litre with specified single coat.


specially formulated chemical mould releasing agent

A chemical mould releasing agent prevents certain materials from adhering to each other. Not adding a release agent will cause these materials to bond, which then produces more problems in cleaning up and creating a perfect casting. They provide the critical barrier between a molding surface and the substrate, facilitating separation of the cured part from the mold. Without such a barrier in place, the substrate would become fused to the mold surface, resulting in difficult clean-up and dramatic loss in production efficiency. One such specially formulated chemical mould releasing agent is Fairmate’s SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM.

SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM is a specially formulated blend of biodegradable vegetable oil based mould release agent, which is superior to conventional mould oil. SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM is supplied as an off white colour, ready to use liquid. Apply to all types of formwork including wood, metal, polyester or plywood where a good surface finish and optimum release are required.


● It does not contain any mineral oil and hence it is not producing VOC. So it is Eco Friendly
● This product is not flammable & hence no such precaution is required during storage to avoid from fire except the normal storage conditions.
● It contains active ingredients which chemically combine with cement paste and make a soapy nature which can release the concrete very easily
without any surface defects of concrete.
● Vegetable oil based, biodegradable and Non- toxic
● Can be used with all type of formworks
● Non staining, even suitable for white cement
● Safe to use ( can be use in confining spaces like tunnelling, mining, etc)
● Minimizes cleaning of shutters before re-use
● Minimizes repair costs associated with patching or polishing to remove surface defects
● Ensures good fair faced concrete surfaces
● Economical
● Can be used with steam curing
● Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
● Provides a water repellent, rainproof, rust-inhibiting film to the formwork


SETRELEASE RU PREMIUM is supplied in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 Ltr drums.
A coverage between 40 to 60 m²/litre is possible depending upon the porosity and texture of mould surface.

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