Monthly Archives - January 2022


We are very proud to announce that Fairmate Chemicals has developed an admixture of a new generation, based on modified bio-based polycarboxylate ether.

Our BROCRETE range of admixtures are high-range water reducers. Our new bio-based superplasticizers are environmentally friendly, consisting of raw material made from sugarcane.

The availability of renewable raw materials is a concern for all, and the need to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction chemical industry has pushed us to use environmentally friendly bio-based raw material in the production of superplasticizers with a low carbon footprint. Sugarcane by-products after sugar production can be effectively used for making superplasticizers for retarding the setting time and water reduction in concrete.

Considering we are using the material which has no particular use after sugar production. We are reducing waste as well as making an effective bio-based product for the better.

This bio-based raw material has a carbon content of more than 80%. Using these materials for making superplasticizers, we are moving towards an environmentally sustainable product in comparison to the conventional crude oil-based superplasticizers.