FLOWROUT 40 is a single pack ready use, high-strength, free-flowing and non-shrink grout.
FLOWGROUT 40 is based on specially processed types of cement containing fillers and additives. FLOWGROUT 40 is supply as ready-to-use grout requiring the addition of a precise quantity of water at the site (4.75 Litre/25 Kg grout).
Expansion: Controlled expansion occurs in the unset material to ensure that the grout, when cured will continue occupy its original volume within the confines of the voids in which it was placed. FLOWGROUT 40 is suitable for gap widths between 10mm-50mm. For widths, less than 10mm FLOWGROUT EP resin grout can be used. For thickness above 50mm. (say 75-100), cleaned washed 10mm aggregates can be incorporated at the rate of 50%-100% of the quantity of grout used. Water needs to be precisely measured for good early & final strength.

• Material shrinkage is offset by expansion during green condition and later on by maintaining original volume.
• Self-leveling by nature.
• Can withstand temperature up to 200ºC
• Easy placement and filling of under bases of machinery.
• Non-metallic and chloride free.


Surface Preparation:
• All contaminations fully removed by chemical or mechanical methods.
• All bolt pockets and under bases must be free from dust, laitance. If needed, substrate must be hacked to provide extra mechanical key.
• The pockets and under bases must be saturated with water to allow for full absorption for at least 24 hours. Just before the grouting is to commence, all water must be removed completely leaving the surface only damp.

Mixing: Mechanical mixing using a grout mixer or concrete mixer is recommended.
• Place 80% of the water required in a concrete mixer (100% water in case of a grout mixer).
• Slowly add the required amount of FLOWGROUT 40 while mixing continuously for 1 minute. Add balance quantity of water (20%) and mix for 3 to 5 minutes. This will provide a smooth even consistency of grout.
• The mixed grout poured immediately from one side only to avoid air pockets.
• Grouting must be continuous until the cavity is completely filled to the desired level.
• All exposed areas must be restrained by covering with wooden plates or polythene sheets with sand sprinkled on top of the sheet.
Bolt Packets:
• Depending on the size of the bolt pockets, 50- 100% cleaned 10mm sound aggregates by weight of grout consumption may be sealed incorporated to economise on grout and also to keep the heat of hydration low.
Under base Plate:
• Leak proof strong formwork must be provided to withstand operational stresses while grouting and all edges must be sealed with FLOWGROUT 40 troweling consistency to arrest the grout flowing out of formwork.
• Within 8 hours of grouting all grouted areas must be cured with wet hessian cloth or water pounding according to the temperature for a minimum 7 days period.

It can be used in bolt pockets and base plate grouting of all rotary and static equipment, crane, stanchion based and all types of machinery in all types of industrial projects.

FLOWGROUT 40 is supplied in 25 Kg lined HDPE bags.

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