• Liquid Application, easy to apply
• White Color Membrane.
• High build properties ensures rapid application.
• High elasticity, ensuring a permanently flexible barrier over a wide range of temperatures.
• Thermal Stability.
• Screeding can be done easily over applied membrane after complete curing.
• Suitable for Exterior application e.g. Terrace
• Good bond strength.
• For Extended Life Waterproofing, application with GRS (Glass Reinforcement Sheet) is recommended.
• Excellent adhesion.
• Good Crack bridging property.
• Can be applied to range of substrates.
• Outstanding resistance to brittlement and oxidation.

WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) is a single component White colored is a highly elastic tough waterproofing system based on special co-polymers & fillers. WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) is highly resistant to aggressive soils and soluble salts providing an effective continuous barrier and protection against water borne damage.
WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) is ideally suited as vapor/salt barrier to building facades behind granite, marble, stone cladding, and curtain wall elements.

• Useful as protective coating on concrete and brick foundations, retaining walls, timber etc.
• Provides a sandwich membrane in new construction and surface treatment on existing slabs.
• Provides a key for plaster on difficult surfaces.
• For waterproofing and protection of structure, concrete, columns and beams.
• Used for the external insulation of foundations, underground constructions, basements. etc.
• Used for insulating water leakages in closed damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc.
• Service life can be further extended by using GRS (Glass Reinforcement Sheet) in application.
• WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications including wet
areas, foundations, basements, terraces, retaining walls, bridge abutments, planters, inverted roofs and
remedial repairs to felt, asphalt, concrete, fibreous cement or other roof structures when protected from
exposure to direct.


No especially skilled person required for its application. It provides a seamless insulation layer. As a water-based material it is environment friendly. Because it contains water, it enables good adhesion even when the surface is moist. It provides permanent elasticity. It is ready to use. Cold applied material, it does not require heating or thinning. It can normally be applied by brush. Very much useful for Waterproofing purpose.


SURFACE PREPARATION : All substrates must be sound, clean,dry, smooth and free from protrusions, voids, honey-comb, sand high spots. Presence of curing agents, paint and oil will impair adhesion.
Moss and lichen must be removed and area treated with proprietary fungicidal wash to kill spores and inhibit further growth. Following treatment wash area thoroughly with Clean water and allow drying. Fillets must be provided at corners or sharp angles using 4:1 sand and cement mortar modified with a good quality bonding agent FAIRCRETESB(L).

PRIMING : Priming is not normally required on good quality, well prepared substrates.

APPLICATION : WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) should be applied by brush to obtain a continuous unbroken film. Four coats are required to achieve a better performance. Each coat should be applied after proper drying of previous coat. For application with GRS (Glass Reinforcement Sheet), first of all apply one coat of WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) then after put GRS (Glass Reinforcement Sheet) on applied material & sheet should be spread when first coat is Wet. After spreading GRS (Glass Reinforcement Sheet) roll the Paint roller over it to ensure that sheet is bonded with applied material & no air pocket has been left in between contact of applied material & GRS (Glass Reinforcement Sheet). After that apply remaining subsequent coats of WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) over it. WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) must be protected from mechanical damage during subsequent construction or backfilling works. Any damage may be repaired by spot application. If a water flood test is to be run, the membrane should cure for a minimum of 10 days. Whilst WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) is resistant to frost, adhesion will be impaired if applied to frosted substrates. Application should be avoided if substrate temperatures are below 5ºC or rain is imminent.
On Exterior application, applied material may become Bone White after an instant of period but this will not affect or alter the performance of WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE).

Cleaning : Application equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after use with Water. Spillages should be absorbed with sand, vermiculite or similar and be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.


WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE (WHITE) is supplied in 1kg, 5 kg, 10 kg & 20 kg pails. It has coverage of around 1.1 kg/m²@1 mm thickness.

Coverage rate will vary with substrate condition and profile

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