E-Residency Experiences Latitude59!

E-Residency Experiences Latitude59!

We express our sincere thanks for inviting us to Latitude59! and giving an opportunity to share our views and experience about E-residency and digitized business policy of Estonian government.

Fairmate a fast growing Indian multinational company having presence in throughout the world was looking to expand its manufacturing plants in Europe as well. Fairmate was looking for a better place to establish it’s headquarter in Europe. Estonia is very well known to us through our trading activities from there since last 10 years. In addition to that pleasant atmosphere, good infrastructure facilities, good climatic conditions highly ethical an friendly behavior of Estonian people attracted us make frequent journey to Estonia.

Gradually we could make good rapport with Estonia embassy in Delhi and with their wholehearted supports in various activities like visa, e-residency card etc. We could understand that Estonian

Government is following user friendly digitalized single window procedures to start business there which made an attraction and create good impression to set up our headquarter in Estonia. During first visit of Managing Director Fairmate decide to make its headquarter in Estonia.

By attending Estonia independent celebration in Delhi we could more close with Estonia ministers as well. From all the representative of Estonian authorities we got very positive response which given us full energy to go ahead our proposal to start our company in Estonia.

It has also motivated us to spread our business in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and other Part of EUROPE.
We appreciate Estonian government to become the first country in the world to introduce the concept of e-Residency & it is the world leader in digital governance. We could very easily do following business activities through your E-residency concept. To start expand our business.

1) Made investments with local partner and start joint venture.
2) Physical national borders and restrictions will no longer present an obstacle.
3) Open bank accounts, make transactions, sign contracts and even declare taxes, all on our computer.
4) We can run our whole operation digitally, access secure services, and make secure transactions — even if we don’t live in Estonia which motivated us to establish the company in Estonia.

You have proven that by sitting in India with a computer we can do business in Estonia. Now a days to register a company and complete furthers and establish business huge investment to be done. But through your e-residency concept you have made it with a very reasonable cost.
Even we have decided and get admission in Tallinn University for our future director. We are confident an academic track record of Tallinn University will be a good asset for our front runner to successfully succeed our business generation to come.

All credit goes to Estonian government for the business friendly policy introduced by them.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to start a company in Estonia. We will definitely refer your policy for other Indian companies also.

Wish you all the success Estonian government to come out with more and more good ideas like your E-residency concept.

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