Concrete has potential to be one of the longest lasting materials in history – the Egyptian pyramids in Ancient Egypt were even constructed from a primitive form of concrete, and they’re still standing strong. Why shouldn’t your home, or any other concrete structure you own, exhibit the same longevity? The number one arch enemy of concrete is water. Not only can water create harmful health risks with the growth of mold and mildew and create numerous problems for homeowner’s foundations but it can also be a carrier for salts and chlorides that can damage reinforcing steel in concrete leading to spalling and cracking.
Waterproofing is basically a process designed to prevent water from penetrating into a structure. Typically waterproofing is done in various layers and stages to create multiple barriers so that water cannot penetrate into the structure. A structure is waterproofed by the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents underneath or within as well as protecting structural integrity. Thus, protection from weather, seepages from ground and vertical travel of water in a structure can be well protected by the correct application of waterproofing system.

Factors Affecting a Building

Every building can be referred to as a living thing as it also addresses the problems of deterioration if proper care is not taken and maintenance is not involved. In this way, some natural factors like air, water, climate, wind and humidity govern the life of building, apart from the occupancy load. Water (through humidity and rains) is the prime source of degrading or harming a structure, right from its foundation to its plaster if the structure is not well protected from it. Water through its capillary action enters and hampers the strength of concrete, thereby making it susceptible to corrosion. This is observed in building through the development of cracks on plaster, rot formation on walls and presence of moisture on ceiling.
This leads to expensive structural repair works, damage or loss of interior finishes and goods, operational downtime, or serious impact on the internal environment from damp and condensation.

The selection of the appropriate waterproofing method, the project specific design of the chosen waterproofing system and its correct installation on site are key elements in minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership. A waterproofing system typically amounts to less than 1% of the total core constructions cost, yet the selection of a high quality waterproofing solution can easily save this amount or more, in future maintenance and repair costs over the service life of the structure.
Conventional waterproofing is either a liquid applied waterproofing coating or a preformed elastomeric membrane where they can temporarily help to reduce water and within a period of time those coatings or membranes are delaminated. Since they are unable to penetrate but instead coat the surface it is more like putting a band-aid on the problem instead of sealing from within.

FAIRMATE provides full range of technologies and solutions for waterproofing of structures. Fairmate has brought one revolutionary product WATERGUARD MAGIC which is a biochemically modified chemical solution that provides long-term waterproofing and durability benefits to concrete. It penetrates into concrete and reacts with free calcium and water to form a calcium silicate gel complex in cracks, pores and capillaries. This gel creates a sub-surface barrier against the ingress of water and contaminants such as chloride ions. WATERGUARD MAGIC will seal existing leaking cracks to 2.00mm. In the matrix the product remains reactive when in contact with water to provide autogenous healing properties to future hairline cracks.

Advantages of WATERGUARD MAGIC are as follows
• Permanently seals cracks up to 2.00mm.
• Reseals future hairline cracking.
• Reduction of chloride diffusion coefficient (ASTM C 1202) by 89% to 3.5
(10-12 m2/s).
• Water permeability (DIN1048) reduced by 70% to 5.0 (10-12 m/s) at 10kg/cm².
• Increases surface hardness from 6 to 8 on Moh’s scale.
• Reduces scaling in freeze-thaw environments by 89% at 50 cycles.
• Allows 84.1% moisture vapor permeability.
• Non Toxic – Certified suitability for potable water.
• It is giving 100 years warranty with no further maintenance cost.

WATERGUARD MAGIC can be used to the following areas
• Rooftops & Podium Decks
• Car-parks
• Road & Rail Bridge Decks
• Wharf Decks & Marine Structures
• Airport Runways, Taxiways, Aprons
• Water Retaining Structures

• Tiled areas (not terracotta or glass-glazed)
• Tiled shower recesses
• Facades
• Pre-cast elements & panels
• Cement Tiles
• Terrace
• Water tank

FAIRMATE’s experience is combined with more than 40 years of experience from all around the world, in providing successful waterproofing solutions for various civil engineering structures. FAIRMATE’s waterproofing experts are able to support our customers from initially determining the best waterproofing solutions through detailed designing of structure, to on-site support for successful installation and completion of waterproofing. This also includes the repair and rehabilitation for waterproofing of existing structures.

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