Waterguard PU Liquid Membrane is a pitch extended polyurethane based elastomeric coating, formulated to give long lasting, maintenance free, and superior waterproofing protection for concrete and steel structures.


 Chemical resistant: Resists deterioration from dilute acids and alkali, oil, salts, bacteria, and common fuels.
 Single component, Easy to apply.
 Applied by roller, brush, or airless spray.
 Tenacious adhesion and high elastic recovery.
 Long term resistance to ponded water.
 High elongation, permits membrane to stretch with movement in the substrate.
 Excellent crack bridging properties.
 Continuous monolithic (seamless) layer completely bonded to the substrate, eliminates horizontal migration of water between membrane and the substrate. Thus if the membrane is punctured, a leak can only occur directly below the damaged section of the membrane, allowing fast location and inexpensive repairs.


Waterguard PU Liquid Membrane is used as a waterproofing or vapor barrier for protection of Foundations & Basement, Ground floors, Kitchens & bathrooms, Split slab, Terraces, balconies & patios, Car Park decks, Inverted roofs & sunken slabs, Tunnels.


Surface Preparation:

Surface must be structurally sound, clean dry and free from dust, grease, curing compounds, paint coatings, and other loose debris. Surface should ideally have a “sand paper” profile roughness. Recommended methods for preparing concrete are by sand or captive shot blasting; wire brushing or by pneumatic (scabbling) tools. Shrinkage and non structural cracks should be pre-treated with a 1mm thick coating of WATERGUARD PU LIQUID MEMBRANE reinforced with WATERGUARD GRS – fiber reinforce sheet extending at least 50mm on both sides of the crack. Allow to cure for 24 hours. Right angle or corner should have cant strips installed. A suitable cant strip can be prepared by mixing 1 part cement and 1 part fine clean sand and FAIRCRETE FBR additive. First apply 0.5mm thick WATERGUARD PU LIQUID MEMBRANE on the corners. Embed a 100mm width reinforcing WATERGUARD GRS – fiber reinforce sheet on the bedding coat then apply a second coat of WATERGUARD PU LIQUID MEMBRANE 0.5mm thick completely covering the reinforcement. Allow to cure at least 12 – 24 hours. Install mortar canting on the corners extending on both sides by 50mm. Allow cure for 24 hours prior to general application.
Normally WATERGUARD PU LIQUID MEMBRANE can be applied directly onto the surface and does not require priming.


The product requires thorough mixing (for at least 3 – 5 minutes) with a mechanical drill (300-400 rpm) fitted with a proprietor paddle prior to application so that a homogenous mix is achieved. Application should commence as soon as product mixing is completed. Apply the coating at 1.2 kg/m²/coat to achieve a dry film thickness of 1000 microns. The coating can be applied in either one or two coats. If applying in two coats ensure that the second coat is applied only after the first coat has become tack free. The second coat is recommended to be applied in the opposite direction to the first coat as this will allow the polyurethane in the mix to be distributed more uniformly. The coating will achieve its full mechanical properties after a period of 7 days.

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