Many people are facing leakage and damp problems on their home terraces during the monsoon season. To come out of this problem we request you to use our WATERGUARD A.

WATERGUARD A is a prepacked two-component acrylic modified cementitious waterproofing coating. One part is liquid in white color and another is powder in grey color. After mixing both components at the site it produces a mix that is easy to use. It should be applied in 2-3 uniform coats
• Prepacked easy to use water proofing coating
• Non-toxic & environmental friendly
• Excellent adhesion
• Minimum surface preparation needed
• Allows surface to breath
• Approved for potable water contact
• Economical system
1. Surface preparation
• Make sure all the leakage and water jet points are sealed.
• Clean the surface with wire brush and remove all loose particles.
• If any cracks are visible, repair them.
2. Mixing
• Pour the liquid polymer in the container or electrical mixer.
• Slowly add powder in it and mix continuously until the required consistency is obtained.
3. Application
• Sprinkle water on the prepared surface and allow absorption. Remove excess water from the surface.
• Stir the WATERGUARD A before applying.
• Apply uniform coat of WATERGUARD A with brush, and leave it for drying.
• Apply 2nd or subsequent coat after previous coat is dried.
• Cure the surface for 3-5 days.

WATERGUARD A is used to protect the structure against the ingress of moisture. It is used in water retaining structures like water tank, swimming pools, retaining wall, bridge walls, reservoirs, dams, dock gates etc. it is also used in and around house component like roof, terrace and balconies, basement, Lift shaft etc.

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